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The Edgar Cayce Readings predicted that a teacher by the name of Jon Peniel that would come in the last days with a message that would transform the world.   Actually, there has been an author by the name of Jon Peniel who has written a book entitled, The Lost Teachings of Atlantis and The Children of the Law of One.   This would seem to be a confirmation of a Cayce prophecy; however, it was disappointing to discover that Jon Peniel actually was born with another name and later changed his name to Jon Peniel.  It would be very easy to conclude that Jon Peniel was simply a fraud and that he should be dismissed without further investigation.   While this would be a very simple conclusion, there is so much truth in Jon’s message that his material cannot be dismissed lightly.   (This is a highly convoluted matter and it is the subject of a Lecture by David Allisone.)