Please read the following paragraphs before you watch the video below.  You will see how “Cymatics” is the basis of the science of creation.  

Every frequency generates a corresponding three-dimensional geometric pattern in space. There are an infinite number of frequencies and, consequently,  there are an infinite number of patterns.  The different patterns seen in this video were caused by different sound frequencies.  Any frequency, whether it be the frequency of Light or the frequency of Consciousness, also causes Cymatic Patterns in space.  

It is easily demonstrated in the laboratory that the different frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum cause correspondingly different invisible patterns in space.  Tiny particles such as dust and/or sand, are slowly drawn together until they reveal the different patterns formed by different vibrations.   Each frequency range has a correspondingly different but predictable pattern.  

Since our brain is broadcasting electromagnetic frequencies into space, our conscious thoughts and emotions are constantly generating amazingly different patterns -- patterns of love, hate, fear, confidence, depression, etc.  These patterns of frequencies attract and repel the sub-atomic particles that make up the fabric of our world.  

As these tiny particles clump together, they do so in a highly ordered and mathematical manner -- into forms which we refer to as Sacred Geometry.  When sufficient numbers of these particles cluster together they form an entity -- we refer to the smallest of these entities as "intelligences". 

These intelligences are just what their name implies -- they are independent intelligent beings.  Each of thes tiny intelligences possess the ability to choose -- and, accordingly, they choose to form relationships with one another.  

While each individual intelligence may be as "dumb as a rock", huge numbers of these intelligences join together to form higher and higher organized entities -- and as they do so, a fundamental principle called "Swarm Intelligence" begins to manifest.   These families of intelligences make up larger intelligent entities called sub-atomic particles (such as quarks, neutrino, gluons, etc.) These entities continue to form higher levels of relationship until they take forms that we refer to as electrons, protons, and neutrons.

The resulting relationships, called "Fractal Relationships" continue to form until we begin to observe that the same familiar pattern begins to manifest over and over again.  Sub-atomic particles cluster into forms called, atoms, molecules, DNA, cells, tissues, organs, bodies, planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc.  

Both an atom and a galaxy are examples of highly organized intelligent families, which are also called Fractals.  It is important to note that each of these families of swarmed intelligencefrom the atom through the galaxy, is an individual "Life Form”. 

Here is a great video showing how sound creates patterns that " create" matter. 

 Cymatics Video




A great video showing how vibrations create patterns that "create" matter.   Some of the patterns begin to look like a virus. 

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FRACTALS -- A Good Explanatory Video



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