帰一法则 之子, 是一個渴望理解和傳授宇宙万物之根本原则之非營利性協會獨立思考者。所有的物理規律和万物运行定律均是屬于帰一法则 范畴之中。科學家指此为統一場 、以及神學家所指之合一

有兩條路径可以达到对合一之了解 - 即科學路徑和宗教的道路。此二路徑殊途同归 - 即万法合一, 万物同源。
合一不只是一個甜美的宗教概念 - 它是万物的存在實体。如果你不完全了解此存在實体之基本原則,你可學習量子物理 或深入冥想禅定此二路徑择一而行可能會让你有所开悟,但若选择双管齐下则会讓你更快到达开悟境界。
如果你有願望奋发向学 - 你即是帰一法则 之子成员之一
The Children of the Law of One is a non-profit association of independent thinkers with a desire to understand and teach the fundamental principals of unity in the universe. All the laws of physics and the laws of God are subsets of the Law of One. Scientists refer to the “Unified Field” and theologians refer to the “Oneness”. 
There are two paths to gaining an understanding of Oneness – the scientific path and the religious path. Both of these paths lead us to the same conclusion – which is, We Are All One.  
Oneness is not just a sweet religious concept – it is pure physical reality. If you do not fully understand this fundamental principle of reality, you should study quantum physics – or practice deep meditation – either path may lead you to enlightenment, but doing both may get you there sooner.
The above translation from English to Chinese was provided by Master Kuo, our Tao Teacher.  We are grateful for his service 
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