What is the connection between Atlantis and the Children of the Law of One?


Atlantis was once an extensive land that over a period of thousands of years gradually disintegrated into smaller islands as the result of frequent earthquakes and eruptions. Around 10,000 BC, the civilization of Poseidia, the largest island in the Caribbean Sea, sunk beneath the waves during a violent earthquake.

Most of us are ex-Atlanteans. Atlantis was a highly advanced society and we are comfortable living today in a similar vibration.  The following excerpt is from the book, “Lemuria and Atlantis: Studying the Past to Survive the Future” by Shirley Andrews.

“The first to arrive in Poseidia were people who Cayce identifies as Children of the Law of One. Throughout most of its long life, the majority of the inhabitants of Atlantis were spiritual individuals who loved and respected each other. Gradually, with the passage of time, the leaders divided into two groups, the  Children of the Law of One are also referred to as the “Sons of Light,” and the Sons of Belial are called the “Sons of Darkness.” Similar terms are found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

“The Sons of Belial were selfish, materially oriented individuals who focused on the pleasures of satisfying their own physical appetites and desires, with no respect for others. As their lives filled with thoughts of material objects, they came to believe, like many of us today, that the acquisition of more and more would bring them happiness. When disaster threatened Atlantis, they were so involved in the material world they did not heed the advice of wiser individuals, who urged everyone to leave if they wished to continue their lifetime on this planet.

“The main principle of the Law of One is thatn, not only are we all are related; we all are one. The Children of the Law of One focused on love and practiced prayer and meditation, hoping to promote everyone’s spiritual knowledge. They followed the Golden Rule, and also believed that whatever they did to others would happen to them. They honored the Creator from whence they came, who gave them their soul. Many individuals on the Earth today are Lemurians and Atlanteans who have returned to participate in another struggle between the forces of good and evil for control of this planet.

“Some believe that if the creases of the lines that are visible in the palm of your hand when you close it slightly form a letter “M” you were probably one of the Children of Light. A curved “S” or “C” indicates the Sons of Darkness. However, one’s actions or thoughts in Atlantis or Lemuria are not really important. What is significant is that today we are here to help make our world a better place. The Children of the Law of One will continue their good work, and the Sons of Darkness will have an opportunity to redeem themselves.”

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