"Where all religions meet --
 there is One God".


The Children of the Law of One is a non-profit association of independent thinkers with a desire to understand and teach the fundamental principles of unity in the universe. 


The Law of One is simple to define:    

     All is One 


Some people seem to have a deep feeling that this is true; however, most of us find that Oneness is not very apparent. When we bring our awareness to a point of focus, everything seems to be separate.   This sense of separateness is the Grand Illusion -- an illusion that has plagued mankind since his beginning. 


All the laws of physics and the laws of God are subsets of the Law of One.


Scientists refer to the “Unified Field” and theologians refer to the “Oneness”.   


There are two paths to gaining an understanding of Oneness – the scientific path and the religious path.  Both of these paths lead us to the same conclusion – which is, 

"We Are All One".   


Oneness is not just a sweet religious concept – it is pure physical reality.  If you do not fully understand this fundamental principle, you should study quantum physics – or practice deep meditation – either path may lead you to enlightenment -- but doing both may get you there sooner. 


What is "The One"?    The One is sometimes referred to as:

  • The Alpha and the Omega.

  • The beginning, the middle, and the end.

  • The past, the present, and the future.

  • All that is, ever was, and ever will be.

  • The Tao.

  • The sum of all "intelligences".

  • The "Unified Field".

  • "Universal Consciousness"

  • The Theory of Everything

If you have a desire to learn more – you are a Child of the Law of One.  


A good way to learn more is to click on "Essential Knowledge" under the Menu Section (Left Column) - and study the six fundamental principles that will help you understand reality.


We invite you to start a Law of One Study Group in your city.   You alone may determine the content of your meetings; however, the Houston meetings are a pattern you may follow.


The next Houston Area Law of One Study Group  meetings are posted below.  To receive the entire invitation, click on Contact Us in the Menu Section (Bottom of Left Column).



Houston Area Meeting Schedule:
At Woodlands Public Library, 7 PM
2101 Lake Robbins Drive, 
The Woodlands, Texas 77380


Nov 28? - Healing Touch By Victoria Lyn (Not Firm)
Oct 24 -  Vortex Mathematics By Denise Wilbanks
​Sep 21 - Augmentation of Man Pt 2 By Kent Miller
Aug 28 - Araya Healing By Nicolle Ashton-Tolman
​Jul 25 - Homeostasis By Dr. Michel Schmidt
Jun 27 - Healing Power of Love By Laura Hernandez
May 30 - Theta Healing By Brady Deutch
​Apr 17 - Cannabidiol By Dr. Michael Schmidt
Mar 14 - Native American Healing By Wm Twofeather
Feb 28 - The Essenes By Daniel Bierman
Jan 26 -
A Course in Miracles By Bill Mackenzie 


Dec 27 - Open Discussion & Christmas Social
Nov 29 - The Augmentation of Man
     By Kent and Rene Miller

Oct 25 -- The Book of Thomas
     By Lana Searou

Sep 27 - Energy Medicine, Heal Yourself
By Alan Tomkow 

Aug 30 - Manifesting Your Dreams - Life Talk
      By Ann McMaster

July 26 - Duality and the Law of One
     By Denise Wilbanks

Jun 28 - Energenics, By Dr. Michael Smith

May 31 Joseph Smith, The Mormon Prophet
​      By LDS Mis Pres Mortensen

Apr 26 - Oneness University in India
​     By Stephanie

Mar 22, 2016 - Hopi Indian Blue Corn Ceremony
      with Hopi Elder Wentworth & P
at Fleury

Feb 23, 2016 The Kyballion
​      By Denise Wilbanks​

Jan 26, 2015 - Escaping Christianity, Finding Christ
        By Barbara Symons

Dec 29 - Open Discussion , Woodlands Oneness Walk
        Leader:  David Allisone

Nov 24, 2015 - The Essenes
​      By Daniel Bierman

​Oct 27, 2015 - Oneness Teachings of Pope Francis
     By Reverend Patrick Garrett, Catholic Priest

Sep 29,2015 - Bruno Groening - Faith Healer
​      By Robbie

Aug 25, 2015 - Origins of Humanity Revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls
      By Deb West

Jul 21, 2015 - Urantia, Continued
      By Jeanne Lubbers

Jun 30, 2015 - 11 Days in May
     By J. D. Messinger

May 26. 2015  - Urantia
​      By Jeanne Lubbers

May 13, 2015 - Tao Initiation
      By Master Kuo

May 12, 2015 - The Tao Path to Enlightenment
      By Master Kuo

Apr 2015 Healing With Medicinal Plants from Peru
​      By Sheryl Sitts & Mario Rosales

Mar 2015 - The All.is.One Paradigm
       By David Allisone

Feb 2015 - Living From The Love Bucket
       By Peggy Skipper

Jan 2015 - Native Am Oneness Teachings
       By Golden Eagle & Pat Fleury


Dec 2014 Ra & The Law of One, By Deb West 
Oct 2014 Magnificent Consciousness, By Lubbers
Sep 2014 Christianity Restored, By LDS Mis Pres
Aug 2014 White Eagle, By Jane Sorbi
July 2014 SETH, By Edmee Files
Jun 2014 Bosnian Pyramids, By Dr. Osmanagich
May 2014 Near Death Experience
Apr 2014 Mind vrs Spirit
Mar 2014 Remote Viewing, By Dr Paul Smith
Feb 2014 - Mind vs Spirit, 
By Jeanne Lubbers


Jan 2013 Oneness in the  Bhagavad Gita
Feb 2013 Sound Healing
Mar 2013 -The Abraham Teachings
Apr 2013 African Shamanism
ay 2013 Ancient Order of the Rosicrucians

Jun 2013 Understanding Reality - Fractals
Jul 2013  Our Holographic Universe
Aug 2013 Theosophical Society
Sep 2013 Messages from Water
Oct 2013 Communism – Counterfeit Oneness
Nov 2013 Swarm Intelligence, By David Allisone
Dec 2013 Woodlands Oneness Walk



The meeting will be held in The Woodlands South Montgomery County Public Library at 2101 Lake Robbins Drive in The Woodlands, Texas 77380.  The meeting starts at 7 PM and must end at 8:30 PM.
The Children of the Law of One uses your donations to partially offset the cost of printing and other out-of-pocket expenses.  Our goal is to use 100% volunteer help -- we encourage everyone to donate their time as a service to their siblings.  Over the past nine years, David Allisone has given many lectures from coast to coast and in Europe and has not profited from any of them.  It is our intention to continue building this organization based on love and service – because we realize that WE ARE ALL ONE.